Holiday Inspiration - Quick and Easy Everyday Designs

A flower shop’s busy holiday season requires some quick and easy designs for fast everyday deliveries and gift-giving cheer.

Add a playful spirit to an otherwise hectic workday by experimenting with new decorative containers and accents.

Something as simple as ceramic trees and birds can update a traditional look.

For holiday inspiration, use these little ideas to create big looks for your Christmas clientele.

Win them with wreaths

Wreaths are a staple of the holiday season. Fragrant foliages. Colorful accessories. Fresh flower accents. For both tables and doors, wreaths are popular items for holiday decor.

Whether you’re selling pre-made designs, customized items, or DIY kits or in-store classes - this simple wreath is eye-catching and easy to create.

Step 1: Presoak your floral foam wreath form in water that includes flower food.

Step 2: Cut foliage stem with a sharp cut to the appropriate length. Clean foliage from the last one inch of the stem. Insert securely into the wet floral foam wreath.

Step 3: Add accessorizing foliages such as this wreath’s winding stem of ivy.

Step 4: Add accents like this wreath’s groupings of roses, berries, millimeter balls, and gold leaves.

Step 5: Mist with an anti-transpirant to increase the live materials longevity.

Make it in miniature

Holiday trees are popular items for traditional Christmas celebrations or winter decor. Miniature versions make great gifts.

With natural materials on-trend for this year, a long-lasting miniature topiary can be a big hit this season.

Use a floral foam cube as the base of your design and elongate materials to create the cone form of the design or use the top part of a 9-inch floral foam cone.

A textural touch of blue eryngium, purple trachelium and ligustrum berries deepen the look of soft greens of green trick dianthus and seeded eucalyptus for this long-lasting topiary. 

The star-shaped wood holiday pick and hinged treeform cube update this style with a modern flair.

An interesting container like this felt button pot makes a little design look like a big idea.

Decorative materials like this red mega bead help to highlight this miniature live tree and its container covered with a Clayrton red, pleated sleeve.

Interesting ironwork containers

Open ironwork containers are an interesting look for this winter season. Combine with strong seasonal materials like holiday red roses and twigs for a natural flair.

Drape stems of pink pepper berry to soften the look. Add dark privet berries (ligustrum) to replicate the dark color of the metal container. Pull it all together and you have a pleasing holiday favorite to offer your clientele.

It’s a wrap!

If your customers are looking for small gifts, these Clayrton covers can wrap up an easy and inexpensive solution.

The colorful pleated floral sleeves, like this red metallic, come in a variety of patterns and sizes. These wraps are easy to slip over a hand-tied bouquet or the container of a plant or flower arrangement.

Suggest these simple ‘grab & go’ items for hostess, teacher, or thank you gifts.

Make merry with metals

Nothing sings “Merry Christmas” like red and green holiday decor. Since ‘tin is in’ this season, these metal containers are the perfect ‘pick me up’ gifts for people on the go.

These popular containers come with liners in a variety of shapes and sizes. Fill your designs with fresh foliage for holiday fragrance and add a pop of color – like these red roses or millimeter balls.

Dress up your poinsettias

Pop a poinsettia plant into a tin and dress it up with your favorite seasonal ribbon for the updated look of an old favorite.

Quickly add a bit of seasonal flair with simple accessories like the rattan star or a laser cut wood pick.

Beary cute containers

The holidays are always a great time for selling novelty designs. These ‘beary’ cute ceramic containers a fun way to add a whimsical vibe.

Small, inexpensive and easy to deliver these clever designs often look like bears with floral holiday headdresses.

Want more interesting ideas?

With a little imagination and a few easy design techniques you can create interesting designs for your holiday clientele. Enjoy sharing some playful designs during this otherwise hectic season.

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Can you share some of you quick and easy holiday design ideas with us below?


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