Judges will vote the Top 10, then it will be YOUR turn to determine a winner. Stay Tuned!


Kelly Mace

Kelly Mace is an award winning marketing professional having worked in the floral industry for over 25 years. She is the Marketing Communications Manager for Smithers-Oasis.

Sandy Schroeck

Sandy Schroeck, AIFD, PFCI, CFD, is an award-winning designer, trend watcher, and international educator with extensive experience in the floral industry. Sandy has been involved with the AIFD membership team for the last 10 years brings and is the current AIFD Certified Evaluator and Judging test administrator. As a design director for Smithers Oasis and Floriology design team, her passion is sharing her knowledge of floral design with aspiring designers.

Loann Burke

Loann Burke, AIFD, AAF, PFCI, is an award winning floral designer and event specialist with Furst the Florist in Dayton, Ohio. With over 30 years of experience in the floral industry, Loann’s designs and insights have been featured in Florists’ Review, Canadian Florist, Floral Management, Floriology, IDEA Magazine and national print ad campaigns, among several other industry publications.


Theme/Category Development
The arrangement should evoke an emotion consistent with the summertime theme of the category.

Technical Execution/Mechanics
Professional application of mechanics - devices and techniques that help to secure materials and create stability in a design, normally concealed, but may be deliberately exposed for artistic effect.

Focal Emphasis
Area of greatest visual impact to which draws the eye most naturally. Emphasized area within the area of dominance.

Balance should be physically and visually stabilized by placement of flowers, foliage and other materials. Proportion relates to the comparative size of various components in relationship to other elements within the design.

The creative use of line within the form should create tension and interest with the arrangement. Rhythm is necessary for the visual flow of all components in relationship to each other. Form refers to the overall shape of the arrangement created.

Harmony in floral design refers to the aesthetic quality created by the placement of materials. Unity is the cohesive relationship of the materials and elements to each other.

The creative uses of color and texture in relationship to the overall appeal created by the arrangement. Texture should create tactile and visual interest within the design.

Aesthetic Value/Originality
The overall impression or sense of beauty and originality inspired by the completed arrangement.


•  Theme: Summer Smiles
Create a design using the materials from the Summer Smiles Virtual Design Kit. The design should interpret the theme of summertime and inspire other designers using products provided. Use a minimum of 3 products from your Summertime Design package. Okay to color enhance, deconstruct, alter. 

• 3 products must be used from Summertime Design package.

• Top 10 finalists chosen by the judges will each receive a $50 gift certificate for OASIS Floral Products/Floralife Products to be used at favorite local wholesaler or on

• Top 10 finalists will be displayed on website for voting and also on social media for voting.

• One submission per person.

• Participants must submit finished arrangement by July 15th, 2020 midnight EST in order to participate in contest.

• The wholesale cost of each entry must not exceed $60 wholesale (at least 60% being fresh product). The entry must include a product list with costs completed in detail for each design. Every product used needs a fair market value assigned. Any additional props used must be included in arrangement cost. Contestants are responsible for acquiring their own flowers. Flower and additional hardgoods cost must not exceed $60. Include a sheet that would need to be filled out with costs.

• Winner will be announced August 1, 2020.

• Only one entry per person.

• A prize package of OASIS Floral Products valued at $250 will be awarded to the winner. $50 product package to 10 runner ups.

• Entrants agree that designs submitted will be used in Smithers-Oasis Social Media avenues to include Facebook and Instagram. Also winner agrees to be featured in a live social media interview at a mutually agreeable time. 

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