Corsage Kit Guide

Follow these Step-By-Step Instructions for the perfect corsage

Step One. 
Prepare the flowers and greens ahead of time by trimming the stems to small workable pieces that will not have to recut as you begin the corsage construction. Remove the clear plastic rubber square from the Lomey Wrap Wristlet to keep the glue off the band. Examine the rubber pad and keep in mind that the two long linear slits must be left open to slide the wristlet back into the rubber pad when the corsage is complete. Begin by applying a good slathering of Oasis Floral Adhesive on the rubber pad, working in the middle of the long slits and the 2 round holes on the pad.

Step Two. 
Begin by placing foliage into the glue on the pad. Pull the foliage back off to make sure the foliage also has a coating of glue and immediately put back into the glue. By having glue on both the foliage and the rubber pad it will make the bond stronger. Hold the foliage in place for just a few seconds and the bond should be set. Continue by adding additional foliage around the rubber pad.

Step Three. 
Continue to glue smaller filler flowers around the rubber pad on top of the initial foliage. For the larger flowers, slather a good amount of glue around the stem and the back side of the flower. Wait for a few seconds to attach the flower to the pad. Use the same method for the foliage, put the larger flower in place, pull it apart and immediately put it back into place distributing the glue on both surfaces.

Step Four. 
When the larger flowers are glued in place, add additional smaller flowers or foliage into the spaces between the flowers using the same gluing method of adding glue to the flower, putting it in place, pulling away and putting it back into the same spot.

Step Five. 
Rhinestones, gems, pearls, and feathers make great accents for corsages. Glue these in the same manner by applying the glue, placing the material in the desired spot, pulling out and immediately putting back in place.

Step Six. 
Inspect your work. Trim any damaged or oversized foliage.

Step Seven. 
Carefully slide the rubber pad onto the wristlet using the two long slits. The glue will dry within 5-10 minutes. Seal the corsage in a plastic bag and place in the refrigerator vegetable drawer until ready to use.

Watch this Video Tutorial on using the Corsage Kit