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we strive to be biodegradable.

Biodegradable materials are materials that are capable of being decomposed by bacteria or other living organisms. This means that once you dispose of a product, that product will decompose quickly, resulting in less waste in landfills and a healthier environment overall. 

In order for packaging or products to qualify as biodegradable, they must completely break down and decompose into natural elements within a short time after disposal – typically a year or less. Biodegradability is the ability to decay naturally and in a way that is not harmful to the environment.

Products that are biodegradable are generally made from wood, paper or plant material. Research into bioplastics and plastic-consuming bacteria and fungi are netting remarkable discoveries. Science-based companies like OASIS Floral Products are releasing groundbreaking products with increasing speed. Game-changing products, like OASIS Maxlife Floral Foams fall into a category of products defined by the FDA with ‘enhanced biodegradability,’

meaning they biodegrade 100% in a slightly longer timeframe than one year. The introduction of biodegradable floral foam to market was a start of a true paradigm shift in the floral industry.

Our continuing effort includes creating new products with crop residues, aka harvest byproducts such as straw, bamboo skin, corn and coffee husk. These crop residues make up more than half the phytomass in the world. What that means is, for every pound of food grown there’s more than one pound of waste.

That harvest residue can be turned into energy, as biomass, or formed into new objects and materials, such as oir ECOssentials collection of containers. Helping to remove or repurposed this vast waste strengthens the worlds’ food production ability.