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Floral Foam Spheres

OASIS® Floral Foam spheres come in sizes and configurations for practically every floral design need. Pre-cut wet foam sphere shapes include netted, standing and with a built-in stand, all made from Deluxe OASIS Floral Foam Maxlife to securely hold the thickest of stems. Maxlife is the only floral foam proven to provide flower life that lasts as long or longer than flowers in a vase of water. It improves flower life by up to 50 percent longer and prevents premature petal burn, wilting, and stem burn. Equipped with Maxlife technology for enhanced biodegradability, This product has been shown by ASTM D5511 to biodegrade 100% in 567 days in biologically active landfill conditions and can increase flower life up to 50%. Appropriate facilities may not exist in your area.