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What’s Floral Hot for 2018?

Nostalgia, restoration, woodland, fall farm and North Pole. Yes, we are talking North Pole in January. With the opening yesterday of the January Gift and Home Show at Atlanta’s America’s Mart, we’re looking ahead: Smithers-Oasis is there to debut a new showroom featuring new trends for fall and holiday 2018 products. mart comp | OASIS Floral Products Whether you plan to visit the Mart or not, seeing what’s coming for the second half of the year can inspire your designs now, as each season’s trends flow into the next.

Style and sustainability

While introducing items custom made for floral design and potted plants, the product designers at Oasis paid special attention to your desire for stylish and environmentally-friendly products that add value to your designs. For style, Smithers-Oasis Channel Manager Laura Vitale created a mood board and color index for each trend theme in the showroom collection. The new products are presented in lifestyle vignettes. Which trends were featured? Here’s five favorites.

Fall Farm

[rev_slider alias="showroom-2"] Containers made of reclaimed wood and a mix of fruit and flowers help deliver a farmer’s market feeling to this collection. Blend faux and natural materials in earthy shades of mustard, monarch, slate, pewter, cornflower, brick red, artichoke, ale, buttermilk and dusty rose to create an organic vibe.

North Pole

[rev_slider alias="showroom-3"] Celebrate the holidays with a touch of Americana using the traditional colors of mistletoe, holly, juniper and silver in your yuletide designs. A touch of whimsy adds to the fun, while glitter and tinsel heighten the spirit of festivity.


[rev_slider alias="showroom-6"] Leather and fur. Monochromatic copper and gold. Interesting shapes made of natural materials. Nature lovers will appreciate the natural, warm, tea-stained and candlelight effect these freshly gathered products offer.


[rev_slider alias="showroom-5"] Inspired by the 1930s, this collection of hand-painted papers and newsprint take the form of handcrafted wreaths, cones, flowers, leaves and birds harkens back to simpler times, as does a gathering basket of apples, berries and pinecones.


[rev_slider alias="showroom-4"] The warmth of this collection comes from texture rather than color. Snuggle up to these cable, purl and chevron knit containers in versatile hues of mocha, latte, cream, granite, slate, heather gray, thistle, merlot and mint. Use the sweater knit wraps and felt borders to accessorize wooden trays and bowls. [rev_slider alias="showroom-1"] An abundance of accessories and designs round out this 2018 fall and holiday collection. If you are visiting the Atlanta Home and Gift Show, drop by 18-E-21 in Building 1 of the Merchandise Mart and see the new products for yourself. Otherwise, watch the IDEA Weekly blog and visit in the coming months for product and purchasing information. How can you use these fall and holiday trends, ideas and new products to increase your 2018 sales? Download the PDF
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