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Romantic Renaissance Art floral designs for Valentines

Romantic Renaissance Art floral designs for Valentines

Renaissance Art floral designs for Valentines Click image for floral arrangement recipe Renaissance Art floral designs for Valentines add a touch of romance with the sensual look from this revered style with rich colors, classic forms and natural materials. During the 13th and 14th century, the Renaissance emerged in Italy as an era of rebirth in the areas of intellect, science and the arts. Renaissance masters celebrated the beauty of everyday life and the mystery of the natural world in their now famous works. The style and grace of sumptuous floral designs reminiscent that era can easily warm a loved one’s heart. Experiment with these interesting design elements to create impressive and upscale floral arrangements for your Valentine’s Day clientele.

Deep, rich colors

Exquisite attention to detail can be seen in the Italian designs of this era. Paintings from the period show the use of intense colors found in nature. Dark hues of purples, reds, oranges, yellows, greens, blues and blacks all had symbolic meaning. Add a touch of metallic color with forms made of Decorative Wire such as Button Wire. /Ideas/recipe/hearts-alive-valentine-floral-design/ Click image for floral arrangement recipe

Classic design forms

Large vases of flowers in dramatic proportions were used for decoration. Roman vessels filled with long branches of fruit blossoms. Greek urns of large garden flowers like lilies, roses and stock. Foliages woven into decorative garlands. Baskets filled to overflowing with deep piles of rose petals and bowls filled with roses. Click image for floral arrangement recipe

Fruit & flowers

Arrangements with fruit and flower combinations can often be seen in the great paintings of the day. A firm and smooth veggie like an eggplant or a tiny rough-textured fruit like blackberries were used to visually offset large crisp garden blooms such as peonies. This gave a different form and texture to the design. In your floral designs, secure the fruit or veggies by inserting one end of a wood pick or toothpick into the item and the other end into the wet foam.

Appeal to classic elegance

Include designs that feature the romantic look of Renaissance Art in your Valentine Collection. Appeal to the hearts of those who cherish classic elegance. View more Renaissance Art floral arrangement ideas here. I offer Renaissance Art floral design tips in this quick video. “How will you add romance to your Valentine floral designs?”
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