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Tips for Gorgeous and Easy Floral Table Garlands

Tips for Gorgeous and Easy Floral Table Garlands

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A quick glance through wedding images on Pinterest confirms that floral table garlands are a hot trend for event décor.

Dramatic table garlands

There are so many materials that can be used, it can be difficult to decide which to choose. A garland can be made strictly of fresh greenery, herbs, flowers, fruits or any combination of these materials. When it comes to greens, spiral, silver dollar, parvi or seeded eucalyptus are often used as are olive leaf, ruscus, salal, smilax, sprengeri and plumosia. To add fragrance to the table, try using herbs. An herb garland can be made of rosemary, bay, sage, etc. or the herbs can be mixed with other foliages.

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For this design, I used two beautiful Accent Décor vases to add height to my design. The bottom vase held a 15" OASIS Wreath Base for a circle of fresh flowers and foliage and the top vase held a flower orb made in a 6" OASIS Netted Sphere.

Garlands can be quick and easy decor

Chris Norwood AIFD, PFCI, vice president of Tipton & Hurst in Little Rock, Arkansas, finds that for his events, “table garlands are super easy to do, a good look, and can be made at a great profit.” Some designers prefer to purchase pre-made garlands to save time and labor on hectic wedding prep days. Not Chris. “I find I can create my own designs less expensively.”


Photo credit – Lyndsey Sullivan

His favorite technique is to use the OASIS™ Brick Trays that come in single, double or triple brick sizes. “I really like to use the long, thin Oasis trays if we have a lot of flower insertions. Or, we can fill the foam up with a base of greenery and then pop a few flower heads in,” Chris says. “The flower trays can be made ahead in the shop and are easy to deliver and pop into place.” Chris especially enjoys using hydrangea in his garlands. He has discovered that by “removing all of the foliage from the blooms, even the tiny leaves, the hydrangea will hold well in both floral foam and water pick designs.” For a quick and easy setup for a short event, Chris fills trays with a greenery like boxwood and then adds flowers. He spaces these designs out on the tables and then fills in between the trays with pieces of boxwood, pittosporum and salal to create a continuous look. He then inserts the flower blooms directly into the greens without a water source. “Easy installation. Easy cleanup later,” he says.

Decorating a narrow table?


Photo credit – Loann Burke AIFD, AAF, PFCI

Loann Burke AIFD, AAF, PFCI, event specialist for Furst Florist in Dayton, Ohio, and Smithers-Oasis design director, suggests that when space is an issue, “a table garland effect for a small width of table can be created by using IGLU® Grande Holder. The IGLUs fit perfectly in the limited open space on the table.”

To construct a garland by hand

Cut greenery or herbs into individual pieces of the same length. Clean an inch or two of leaves off the stems to make space for wiring. Gather greens in small bunches of three to five stems. Wrap wire like 24 Gauge OASIS Spool Wire around the end of the stems to create individual clusters. Cut a double thickness of green OASIS Bind Wire, OASIS Rustic Wire or twine a little longer than your desired table length to act as the spine of your garland. Using a continuous length of the spool wire, begin by wiring each cluster to the spine wire one at a time to create a length of garland. As each new bunch is added, overlap the greens of the new stems over the previous bunch to cover the wire. Once you have achieved the desired length, add a cluster of greens turned in the opposite direction on the unfinished end of the garland for a finished look. Tie the wire off securely and clip away any unnecessary wire ends. [rev_slider alias="new-garland"]

Garland can also be used for attaching floral arrangements to wedding arbors.  Design: J. Keith White AIFD, CFD  Photo: Designs by Sean

Be creative with your garlands

  • Create a garland of brilliantly colored fall foliages and tuck in small pumpkins or gourds.
  • Highlight a rectangular table with a flower garland made in an ombre color harmony (colors or tones that shade into each other).
  • Place a layer of fresh green moss in a garland form down the center of the table. Tuck in candles and intersperse twigs, cones and succulents into the mix.
For more gorgeous table garland ideas, see these pins on pinterest. Regardless of the size or theme of the event, garlands are a popular trend for table décor this season. Experiment with different techniques and mechanics to learn which works best for you.
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